(hereinafter: "Regulations")

1. From Tuesday to Sunday (excluding Mondays) the Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszynski (hereinafter referred to as the "Museum") may be visited, after buying tickets for a specific hour:
1) individual tourists,
2) organized groups of no more than 25 people.

2. For security reasons, no more than 150 people may be in the Museum building at the same time.

3. The museum provides reservations for entry at specific times.

4. The Museum shall provide for an additional fee:
1) the service of providing an audio guide system with headphones;
2) guide service ordered at least 7 days in advance. It is not possible to use the guide service without prior reservation.

5. Qualified security guards, on the basis of their authority under the Act of August 22, 1997 on the Protection of Persons and Property (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2021, item 1995, as amended), have the right to intervene and summon to leave the Museum by persons who do not observe these Regulations. Visitors are not entitled to any claims on this account. Persons entering the Museum premises and their luggage may be subject to inspection, including with the use of electronic devices for detecting materials and dangerous objects. Persons who refuse to submit to inspection will not be allowed in
into the Museum premises.

6. The maximum size of bags and backpacks allowed to be brought to the permanent exhibition is 30 x 22 x 15 cm. Bags and backpacks of larger sizes should be left in the self-service checkroom.

7. Persons under 16 years of age and children are allowed on the Museum premises only when accompanied by their guardians. Visitors having minors in their care are fully responsible for damages caused by them.

8. Tourist traffic in the Museum follows a designated route in one direction.

9. The tour route begins and ends by passing through the turnstiles. At the entrance and exit
from the Museum in the ticket office area, it is necessary to bring the valid Museum entrance ticket to the reader.

10.The Museum is located at the height of the eighth floor, this path is traveled by elevator.

11.On the territory of the complex, in the northern square, there are unguarded bicycle parking lots. It is forbidden to leave bicycles, scooters and other equipment or belongings outside the place designated for this purpose.

12. the Museum is not responsible for bicycles, scooters, etc. left behind.

13. Thursday is the day of free tickets only for individual visitors,
without a guide, issued for a specific hour at the Museum ticket office, whereby:
1) the number of tickets is limited;
2) one person is entitled to one free ticket;
3) organized groups bear the cost of the ticket in accordance with the applicable price list.

14. The Museum obliges Visitors to follow the instructions and comments of the Museum staff, who are responsible for the safety of museum objects and tourists.

15. In case of damage to an object (works of art, objects exhibited in the Museum), the visitor shall pay the cost of its maintenance, repair or replacement.

16. Every person visiting the Museum is obliged to follow the safety rules specified by the Rules and Regulations and the instructions of the Museum staff.

17. The following prohibitions apply in the Museum:
1) bringing in firearms;
2) bringing in dangerous and sharp objects;
3) entering and bringing animals (except guide dogs);
4) bringing in bicycles, scooters, skateboards and luggage carts;
5) smoking and electronic cigarettes;
6) food and drink;
7) use of open flames;
8) bringing and consuming alcohol or intoxicants and visiting after consuming alcohol or intoxicants;
9) making phone calls using mobile devices;
10) touching museum objects and interior design elements and walls;
11) sitting on furniture and destroying elements of Museum equipment;
12) running, jumping and sliding on floors, sloping and steep surfaces;
13) behave loudly, disturb other visitors, create dangerous situations;
14) conducting commercial, advertising or political agitation;
15) photographing and filming indoors with the use of flash lamps, additional lighting, tripods and other accessories necessary for professional photography and filming (except as described below);
16) photographing and filming elements of security systems at exhibits and in exhibition halls;
17) entering the exhibition with a baby carriage. Leave the stroller in the area designated for this purpose.

18 We inform you that:
1) photography and filming inside the Museum is possible as long as:
a) does not disrupt tourist traffic and does not disturb other visitors,
b) does not threaten to damage museum objects and equipment,
c) does not cause harm to other visitors (physical or related to the protection of their personal property);
2) the photo or video material may not be used for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the Museum;
3) due to the requirements of conservation and physical protection of the Museum property, the use of flash lamps, additional lighting, tripods (booms) and other devices is prohibited inside the Museum;
4) deviations from the prohibitions in points 2) and 3) above require individual approval of the Museum Director;
5) The Museum shall not be liable for the infringement by third parties of the personal property of tourists or causing them other damage due to the taking of photographic and film images;
6) The Museum may prohibit photography and filming of those objects whose owner has not given his permission;
7) any organization of artistic and business activities, organization of assemblies, advertising promotion actions throughout the Museum requires individual permission of the Museum Director;
8) it may be designated the area of the permanent exhibition (due to the safety of the objects), which will be subject to a complete ban on photography and filming.

19. Events taking place on the grounds of the Museum may be recorded by the organizer in the form of films or photos in order to inform about the Museum's activities and to document and promote them. Recordings and photos of events may be published on the Museum's website, social media and information materials prepared and distributed by the Museum.

20.We inform that persons disturbing the peace and order and disobeying these Regulations may be deprived of the right to visit the Museum without reimbursement of admission costs.

21.Please note that the Museum premises are constantly monitored by security personnel, cameras and security systems.

22 Please respect the work rules of the janitorial staff, who are not obliged to provide information, as their task is primarily to protect the museum objects.

23.The last entrance to the permanent exhibition is 1 hour before the closing of the Museum.

24. purchase of a ticket and entry to the Museum premises implies acceptance of all provisions of these Regulations by all visitors.