Retreat with the Primate of the Millennium [PL]
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Retreat with the Primate of the Millennium

Author: x. Roman Sławeński


The eighty-year life of the Primate of the Millennium is a great testimony of courage, steadfastness and faithfulness in proclaiming the Gospel. An attitude of inner discipline throughout his life helped him to endure all hardships manfully. He saw the defects of liberalism and the dangers of Marxism, so in the social teaching of the Church he discovered the most appropriate program for social life in Poland. From the fervent personal prayer of the Primate grew the idea of placing all of Poland in the care of the Mother of God.

The book is a presentation of the message of the Primate of the Millennium addressed to contemporary Poles. It is a selection of the most significant texts from the writings and speeches of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński arranged in the key of 15 days. This is an excellent opportunity to spend two weeks in the company of the Primate, delving into his words full of wisdom and love. The book includes a brief historical introduction and has a clear, simple, thought-provoking layout.

Publisher: M Publishing House

Year of publication: 2019

Language: Polish

Number of pages: 116

Binding: soft

Format: 130x190 mm


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