He was most liked nasturtiums [PL]
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He was most liked nasturtiums. Unknown facts from the life of Primate Wyszyński

Author: Grzegorz Polak


The book He was most liked nasturtiums points out unknown facts from the life of Primate Stefan Wyszyński and develops rarely discussed threads from his teaching, including his attitude toward Jews or the aid given to the Church in the East. A separate chapter is devoted to Cardinal Wyszyński's attitude toward women. His behavior - valuing the role of women in the Church and entrusting them with important tasks - was surprising in his time, and today may serve as a model for church hierarchs. Most liked nasturtiums combines anecdotes with thorough factual knowledge and authentic quotations. It is a fresh look at the figure of the Primate of the Millennium, around whom many untrue stereotypes have grown over the years. Readers in this book will also find a lot of interesting facts from Cardinal Wyszyński's biography, such as what instrument he played at home, what music he liked to listen to and when the phrase "Primate of the Millennium" first appeared.

Publisher: Mt 5,14 | Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszyński, M Publishing House

Year of publication: 2020

Language: Polish

Number of pages: 175

Binding: soft

Format: 140 × 202 mm

ISBN: 978-83-8043-658-9

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